To Juice or to Blend? That is the Question.

Juicing and blending are two very different things. Many people want to know which is better and why. The answer is that they are both great… but for different reasons. Using a juicer eliminates all the fiber from the fruits and vegetables. Fiber is good for you but depending on your diet and personal health goals you may be in a position to benefit from its removal. Removing the fiber from...

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Eating for Optimal Breathing

You can improve your oxygen intake in a number of ways: deeper breathing methods, exposure to fresh air, as well as frequent aerobic exercise, to name a few methods. In addition to these physical changes we can make, there are some nutritional factors worth considering: The best diet for oxygen production is comprised entirely of raw foods. Here at Varta Nutrition, we recommend filling your diet...

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You Are Not What You Eat

Eating simply can be more complicated than one might expect. Having a “you are what you eat” mentality seems like a fairly commonsense approach to eating, but it oversimplifies the impact of food and food-like substances on our overall health. As an example, did you know that our cholesterol level has much more to do with the type of fat that we eat than how much cholesterol we consume?...

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The Truth About Protein

Protein powders, protein shakes, protein bars, whey protein, soy protein… protein, this and protein that.  Sound familiar?  The protein fad is primarily a product of good marketing.  When was the last time you heard someone was protein deficient?  Protein is everywhere.  It is not just in animal products such as meat and dairy; protein is in vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and even...

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The concept of moderation can be a very effective method of approaching a dietary regimen. It is important to remember that it is intended to be applied to healthful, natural foods. Although well-intentioned, applying the concept of moderation to unhealthful eating does not work in theory or in practice. Attempting to moderate unhealthful choices succeeds only in drawing attention from the real...

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